Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are used to reduce the appearance of moderate wrinkles and folds, restore structure and volume, and revitalise the skin. They are also used in lip augmentation. We pride ourselves on offering natural and conservative treatments with the correct placement and soft process.

Focu areas

Lips, cheeks, perioral regions, nasolablial folds, chin, jawline and tear troughs.


From $300

How long does it last?

Results will last from 6 to 9 months and will see volume restored to your complexion.

Administered by

In-house doctor and registered nurses.

Pain & downtime

Topical anaesthetic is applied and the filler contains anaesthetic within it to allow for a more comfortable treatment.  Downtime is minimal, some bruising and swelling is expected for a couple of days.

Please note

Dermal fillers can be used in conjunction with wrinkle relaxers.
All cosmetic procedures carry some risks, although very rare.
This treatment is not suitable if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.