Wrinkle Relaxers

Administered by Dr Sarah and her team of registered nurses, the treatment involves injecting small doses of a purified protein which relaxes the muscles of facial expression. When the muscles are relaxed, the formation of new wrinkles is prevented. The result is smooth, fresh and younger looking skin.

Suitable for

We recommend wrinkle relaxers to those looking for a preventative treatment from deep static lines. The most common focus areas include crows feet, forehead lines and frown lines.


Type D $5 per unit

Type B $12.50 per unit

Please note that we have a $100 minimum spend on all wrinkle relaxer appointments.

What can it treat?

Forehead lines
Frown lines
Crows feet
Bruxism (teeth grinding)
Lines around the lips
Downturned smile
Eyebrow lift
Bunny lines
Chin dimples
Excessive sweating (armpits)
Gummy smile
Smokers lines
Haytox (hay fever)

When will you see results?

After 2 weeks.
The benefits of wrinkle relaxers last up to 3 months and after this time muscles return to their previous state.
The longevity of these results may vary based on your dose and lifestyle factors.


Do not lie flat or face down for 4 hours.
Avoid rubbing or massaging your face for 4 hours.
Avoid strenuous exercise, saunas or spas for 24 hours.

Please note

All cosmetic procedures carry some risks, although very rare.
This treatment is not suitable if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.