BBL Skin Rejuvenation

BBL photorejuvenation by Sciton is the most advanced and fastest light based technology for skin rejuvenation. It differs from traditional IPL as the BBL (BroadBand Light) allows us to treat a variety of skin concerns in the one treatment such as pigmentation, capillaries, acne, rosacea, skin laxity and hair removal.


Pigmentation, capillaries, acne, rosacea, skin laxity and hair removal.


BBL Photo Rejuvenation

$450 Face
$450 Neck and Chest
$600 Face, Neck and Chest
$200 Cheeks and Nose
$200 Hands
$300 Forearms
$400 Full Arm
$600 Lower Leg
$750 Full Leg

BBL Acne

$250 Full Face
$100 Forehead
$100 Chin and Jawline
$100 Cheeks

How many treatments are required?

Benefits will be seen after one treatment but a course of up to 4 may be recommended for best results.


Apply sunscreen everyday leading up to your treatment
Avoid extended sun exposure and sun tanning
Avoid isotretinoin (roaccutane) for 6 months
Avoid topical retinols/ Vit A serums for one week prior to treatment

Pain & downtime

Pain is minimal, there is no need for topical anaesthetic.
Downtime is minimal, there may be some darkening of pigment spots in the first few days.


Use a gentle cleanser and moisturiser
Do not exfoliate for one week
Avoid all active skin care for one week
Avoid prolonged sun exposure and tanning
Wear SPF daily

Please note

This treatment is not suitable if you are pregnant.

Breastfeeding safe.


History of keloid scarring

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