Meet Our Team

Dr Sarah Podmore MBBS (UWA) FRACGP

Owner / Medical Doctor

Dr Sarah has worked around the globe as a general practitioner, spending time at Royal Perth Hospital and other regional hospitals during her medical career. She is now a GP with a special interest in skin cancer detection and management, and cosmetic skin treatments.

Moving back to her home town of Margaret River as a rural GP is a childhood dream come true. “I have always wanted to create a workspace that empowers women. Our clinic is 100% owned and operated by females.”

When Dr Sarah is not at Eden, or working as a GP in Busselton, she volunteers her time as a medic and spends time in Margaret River with her young family and gorgeous husky Echo.

Favourite Treatment: I love getting a chemical peel. My skin looks so radiant afterwards.

Skin Tip: Moisturise every day.

Cathy Hammond

Registered Nurse / Cosmetic Injector

Cathy graduated in Nursing in France 21 years ago and has worked in Paris, Switzerland, Corsica and here in WA, and in many different disciplines. She completed a Graduate Diploma in Cosmetic Nursing in 2018 and joined the Eden team shortly after which has allowed her to follow her passion and work alongside talented women.

Cathy was born in France and moved to Australia where she met her Kiwi husband and now has 2 beautiful boys and a full of beans kelpie named Harry.

She loves spending her free time at the beach, catching up with friends, hitting the gym, and hiking along our magical coastline with her family.

Favourite Treatment: Skin needling! I love the collagen boost from it and seeing my skin texture and pigmentation continually improving even weeks after.

Skin Tip: Sleep on your back! Lets not add any more wrinkles to our beautiful faces like sleep lines or puffiness.

Jasmin Henry

Registered Nurse / Cosmetic Injector

Jasmin started her career in the beauty industry in 2011 and is now a cosmetic registered nurse, sharing her time between Eden Aesthetics and the local hospital.

Her favourite part about working at Eden is being able to work with a range of treatments and modalities to help clients achieve their goals. This industry is ever changing, so it’s incredible to work in a clinic that is at the forefront when it comes to treatments available to clients.

Jasmin grew up around the corner in Karridale and loves living in this beachside bliss with her young family and adorable sausage dog, Daisy-Jane.

Favourite Treatment: Sculptra.

This has been my favourite injectable treatment to perform on clients for a while now and each time I’m still blown away. I absolutely love the results patients are experiencing but mostly am amazed at the longevity of these results.

Skin Tip: Take the time for a skincare ritual. Not only is it the best opportunity to strengthen your skin in between treatments in clinic, it’s an important moment in the chaos of the day just for you.

Nathalie Chinnery

Registered Nurse / Cosmetic Injector

Nat is a critical care nurse and cosmetic injector who prides herself on taking a subtle and natural approach with injectables.

Prior to nursing Nat was a qualified dermal therapist, starting in the industry when she was sixteen as a trainee. “I absolutely love my profession, combining my three greatest loves of science, art and beauty. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients achieve confidence through great skin.”

In her spare time Nat likes to paint, you may have seen some of her artwork in the local galleries or coffee shops. You will also find Nat down the beach with her puppy or in a hot yoga class.

Favourite Treatment: Injectables.

Skin Tip: Your best skin is always made in winter through a series of treatments, and always wear your SPF 50+

Amber Holland

Registered Nurse / Cosmetic Injector

Amber has recently relocated from Jervis Bay in NSW on the East Coast where she worked in a busy cosmetic clinic in Wollongong for 5 years. Amber has been a registered nurse for 10 years and a cosmetic nurse for 5 years. She has also worked in the hospital system for over 8 years working on various wards.

She comes with a wealth of knowledge in all things injectables. Amber is acknowledged as an advanced level cosmetic injector. She strives to achieve a natural and refreshed look for her clients and believe’s that ‘less is more’ when it comes to injectables.

In her spare time you will find her at the beach, bushwalking or discovering a new winery with her partner and little boy.

Favourite Treatment: Anti-wrinkle and Skin Needling.

Skin Tip: If you are getting injectables make sure you are also looking after your skin by using medical grade skincare, they work hand in hand. Also, retinol serum is your best friend.

Jess Wells

Senior Dermal Therapist

Jess has grown up in the Margaret River region, adventuring off to live in various parts of Australia and New Zealand for some time during her teens and 20’s. She now has two children of her own that she has the joy of raising on her family farm in Rosa Brook where she grew up.

The pride of being part of such an incredibly warm and welcoming community is something that Jess truly treasures with always doing her best to give back to the community she was raised by.

Her passion for taking care of others and making people feel good in their own skin is what inspired Jess to enter the beauty industry. Even after 16 years in the industry, her love for skin and dermal therapies is continually growing. Passion for new modalities and skin treatments is where her heart lies, with the love for education and growth of knowledge, Jess always enjoys moving her clients forward on their skin journey by introducing new technologies and products.

Favourite Treatment: It is so difficult to decide just one favourite treatment! It’s extremely close between needling and our new BBL treatment. Both are absolutely incredible, and I love the science behind these two treatments. Aging, pigmentation, rosacea, broken capillaries, with these two modalities I’ve got you covered!

Skin Tip: SPF is number one! Everyday! You work indoors? Sunscreen. You only go outside in the morning? Sunscreen. It’s cloudy and raining outside? Sunscreen! The key to antiaging is prevention and SPF is your first defence against ageing and pigmentation.

Anna Ryan

Senior Dermal Therapist

It’s watching a clients skin journey unfold that keeps Anna’s love for skin alive. It’s seeing them from the first visit, following them along, seeing the changes and seeing them reach their goals, that she finds so exciting!

This is what she loves doing, and even better the people she gets to work alongside make it even better.

Whilst she owned her own beauty salon for ten years, Anna now lives in Margs with her family. She appreciates the wildness, the spectacular coastline and the fact she can always find herself alone at the beach.

Favourite Treatment: Venus RF.
I love this treatment for my clients, and also having it done myself, it’s a really clever way of getting your skin working smarter and reminding our collagen to kick into action.

Texture, sun damage, lines, scarring and loss of elasticity can all be addressed, don’t be scared of a little bit of downtime, it really is very manageable!

If you’re already using our products at home, and wanting to level up your skin game, definitely consider a course of RF, to really give your skin a smooth, firming boost of radiance.

Skin Tip: As a therapist I cannot tell you how important a solid routine is for your skin at home. There’s no cheating, or magic one ingredient, that gives you healthy, beautiful skin. It’s doing the steps, morning and night. But it doesn’t have to be complicated, and when you’ve got the right products to use at home, you start seeing the results, and the magic happens!

Together, homecare and treating you in clinic, we can help guide you to fabulous skin.

Jasmine Martin

Dermal Therapist

Jasmine was lucky enough to grow up in the south-west region in Margaret River, attending primary school and high school down here. From a young age beauty and skincare had been a big passion of hers.

“I have always loved anything to do with skin care and makeup, I knew I wanted to be part of the industry so I followed my passion and decided to study beauty therapy. I am now able to share my love for skin with all of my clients and educate them on how to love and care for their own skin too, there is nothing better than helping other women to look and feel their best and reach their skin goals.”

Favourite Treatment: I cannot go past a chemical peel, I just love the fresh glow my skin is left with after a peel facial.

Skin Tip: Make yourself a routine and try your best to stick with it, double cleanse, serums and moisturiser every night and sunscreen every morning. once you start i promise you won’t look back! These simple steps will make big changes to the appearance of your skin!

Sonja Ellis

Front of House / Administration

Sonja was born and bred in vibrant Melbourne. She and her husband relocated to the beautiful Margaret River in 2019, trading in her corporate job as a legal secretary for a more relaxed lifestyle in the south-west.

Sonja is our clinic receptionist! She’s the friendly face you’ll see when you enter the clinic. You will find Sonja at the front desk managing your appointments and answering all your skin & beauty questions.

Sonja is passionate about all things health, beauty, and wellness. She loves being in the gym and enjoys the outdoors.

Favourite Treatment: Skin needling.

Skin Tip: SPF everyday without fail.
Wearing SPF every day has been a total game changer for my skin. It’s amazing how much it can make a difference, especially when you spend a lot of time outdoors. Not only does it allow you to use more active ingredients, but it also helps protect my skin from the sun’s harmful effects.

Jessica Duffy

Business Consultant / Marketing Manager

Jess was born and raised in Dunsborough and has lived locally and abroad, working in corporate roles for Perth, Sydney and Vancouver based companies. Life-long friends with Dr Sarah and a mother of two, there is nowhere else she would rather be than here in her hometown raising her young family.

Jess believes that prevention is the key to radiant looking skin and that taking care of your health and well-being is important at all ages. She is excited to be part of the Eden journey and working with the professional team at Eden Aesthetics.

Favourite Treatment: Moxi Laser is my new favourite treatment. After years of experiencing melasma and uneven pigmentation on my face this treatment has been life changing.

Skin Tip: It’s never too late to start wearing sunscreen, I was in my 30’s when I started applying it everyday and wish I had started earlier.